Room Spray


A 4 oz amber glass spray bottle full of organic room spray! My room spray is made with distilled water, the dormant bark, leaves, and twigs of the witch hazel plant, rubbing alcohol, and organic oils. Using distilled water and a combination of rubbing alcohol with witch hazel prevents bacteria growth in the bottle. This room spray is safe for use around children and pets.

Room sprays are a fine mist of freshness that can be added to any room, closet, drawer, or car! They are portable and ready to use in campers and on vacations. Spray a little or a lot … the choice is yours!

✨ Banana Nut Bread - Crushed pecans, ripe bananas, and warm spices baked into fresh bread.

✨ Pumpkin Spice Latte - A hot cup of black coffee flavored with creamy butter, clove buds and cinnamon sticks. Coconut and vanilla syrup sweeten this delicate blend.

✨ Wild Berry Cheesecake - A combination of fresh berries and creamy buttery accords. Contains: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, coconut, orange zest, condensed milk, butter, cinnamon, baked vanilla, brown sugar, and tonka bean.

✨ Blueberry Flapjacks - Blueberry buttermilk pancakes drenched with savory maple syrup, topped with pecans.

✨ Pumpkin Cheesecake - The incredible aroma of cardamom, ground cinnamon, Vermont maple, pumpkin puree, carrot, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese, caramelized sugar, and French vanilla all blended to true perfection.

✨ Cinnamon Stick - A Christmas favorite! Freshly ground cinnamon bark.